Watcher of the Death-Yakwevik

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Watcher of the Death -Yakwevik-


Yakwevik was first spotted at the tundra in North America.
It destroyed facilities of human for drilling new energy by the path it passed through.
Finally, it turned back for some reason.
Samites regard ice bear as reincarnation of disaster,the counterattack from mother nature.
They would interfere human launching attack on bears for the purpose of protecting bears. Samit call it “Yakwevik” which is the monster bear of the olden Northern Indian myth.


Yakwevik is the biggest and fiercest female from the herd of ice bears.
The height is around 17 meters when it stands.
It can tears steel apart with its claws.
The most destructive structure is the big horns on its head,
which is covered with sharp shape ice.Most of the time, it moves slowly with two legs,
but runs with four limbs if it needs speed.
The ice bears live in the deep snow mountain that human can hardly reach,
they eat the creatures there for living. With the mutation,
they have the ability to turn ice into the body structure,
the ice would spike out the surface of their thick skins,
forming the pointed shape to attack or defend.
The ice would fill out the wounds when the bear get penetrated.
Therefore, they can hardly be defeated.
Human think the reason that Yakwevik destroy facilities is due to its defence mechanism, patrolling the habitat of its kind. It doesn’t want human to come near their territory.

【Watcher of the Death】Yakwevik