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【Howard Hsu x R-one studio】Sanagi & Youchuu


Designer: 許皓程 (@howarddelevi)
Sculptor&Painter: R-one Studio -R1 Chung-
Sanagi Size: About 16cm high
Youchuu Size: About 10cm high
Material: resin

●Not included shipping.
●【Sanagi + Youchuu Set】:
-Hime Kabuto Mushi Sanagi(Colored) *1
-Hime Kabuto Mushi Youchuu(Colored) *1
-Hime Kabuto Mushi Artbook*1

●The painted product is made in the factory,so the final product may be slightly different from the photo. We hope that you will understand this before purchasing the painted product.

●Painted product is scheduled to ship in the first quarter of 2024. Shipment may be earlier or later depending on the number of orders.

●Unpainted kit shipping is expected to be arranged between Jan 2024 and Feb 2024.

原型製作/塗裝: R1 Chung
Sanagi蛹 サイズ:高さ約 16cm高い
Youchuu幼蟲 サイズ:高さ約 10cm高い
材質 : レジンキャスト


●【姬兜蟲-蛹Sanagi + 幼蟲Youchuu Set】:
-Hime Kabuto Mushi 姬兜蟲-蛹Sanagi 塗装品*1
-Hime Kabuto Mushi 姬兜蟲-幼蟲Youchuu 塗装品*1
-Hime Kabuto Mushi 姬兜蟲-Artbook*1





角色設計:許皓程 (@howarddelevi)
原型製作&塗裝:R-one Studio -R1 Chung-
Sanagi蛹 尺寸:約16公分高
Youchuu幼蟲 尺寸:約10公分高

●【姬兜蟲-蛹Sanagi + 幼蟲Youchuu 套裝組合】產品包含:
-Hime Kabuto Mushi 姬兜蟲-蛹Sanagi 上色完成品*1
-Hime Kabuto Mushi 姬兜蟲-幼蟲Youchuu 上色完成品*1
-Hime Kabuto Mushi 姬兜蟲-畫冊 一本

●上色完成品預計於2024年第一季出貨. 出貨時間可能依據訂單數量提早或是延後.

●未上色套件預計在2024年1月 至 2024年2月安排寄送

請來信至[email protected]

●中国大陆/香港/澳門 买家:
欲使用支付宝付款请发信到我们邮箱:[email protected]

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【Sanagi蛹 + Youchuu幼蟲 Set】:
-Hime Kabuto Mushi 蛹Sanagi(Colored) *1
-Hime Kabuto Mushi 幼蟲Youchuu(Colored) *1
-Hime Kabuto Mushi Artbook*1

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Sanagi(colored), Sanagi(unpainted kit), Sanagi+Youchuu(colored set), Youchuu(colored), Youchuu(unpainted kit)