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【Watcher of the Death】Yakwevik


Sculptor: R-one studio Dustchaser
Size: About 14.5*15*20 cm (L x W x H) Parts: 41
Material:cast in light grey resin

●pre-order Price:195.USD (Including Paypal fee)
●pre-order be end on 10 July, 2018;Price:215.USD
●Not included shipping.
●Complete the form, we’ll reply to remittance information and freight.

●You can get the following:
1.Watcher Of The Death Yakwevik’s model resin kit (unpainted)
2.Watcher Of The Death Yakwevik’s photoshoot print * 3
●This product will be ship out in August-September,2018


原型製作: R-one studio Dustchaser
サイズ: 14.5*15*20 cm (L x W x H)
部品:41 材質 : レジンキャスト

●予約価格:1つの 195.USD (2018年7月10日に終了する,正常価格:1つの 215.USD)

1.Watcher Of The Death Yakwevik モデルキット (未組立キット、塗装されていない)
2.Watcher Of The Death Yakwevik カード*3


原型: R-one studio Dustchaser
尺寸: About 14.5*15*20 cm (L x W x H)  零件數:41
●預購時間:即日起~2018/7/10結束,結束將恢復原售價5800.TWD )

1.死亡守望者-亞魁維克 白模(未上色)
2.死亡守望者-亞魁維克 酷卡*3
●商品將於2018 8-9月發貨


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