【Gods within Steel】Undead Trial-Anubis- Collectors Edition
-Collectors Edition- product content. 典藏版商品內容,請詳閱以下資訊 Design: Hui Zou Sculptor&Painter: R1 Chung Size: About 46 cm high Weight: 1.6kg Parts: 39 Material:cast in light grey resin ◣Pre-order price:320.USD ◣Price:360.USD ※This version is "Limited edition". Only "10" copies. ◣You can get the following: 1.1 signed and numbered edition of the unpainted resin kit 2.1 signed CG artwork prints by Hui Zou 3.1 signed 3D render prints by R1 Chung 4.1 concept prints 5.photoshoot print * 4 6.Undead Trial acrylic Engraving board ———————————————————————— 設計: Hui Zou 原型&上色: R1 Chung 高度: 約46 cm 高 重量: 1.6kg 零件數:39 材質:淺灰色cast樹脂 ◣預售價:9000.TWD (無需修模可直接組裝、售價不含運費) ◣售價:9800.TWD ※這個版本只有限量10份,售完即止 ◣商品內容如下: 1.1份有聯合簽名編號的未上色白模 2.1份由設計師周如晦所簽名的CG畫稿 3.1份由原型師R1所簽名的3D渲染圖卡 4.1份亡靈審判的概念設計稿 5.亡靈審判-阿努比斯 酷卡*4 6.亡靈審判-阿努比斯 雷射雕刻立牌
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【Watcher of the Death】Narasimha
◣Kit/白件:165 USD.
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【Watcher of the Death】Ilanga
Order under separate single
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Order under separate single ◣Kit/白件:60 USD. ◣Bronze color/仿銅:85 USD. →Sold out ◣Multicolor/彩色:155 USD. →Sold out
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Shadow Wolf 1/8 Statue
price($)175 USD 360°preview:https://r1toystudio.com/360preview/
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