【Watcher of the Death】Ilanga


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Sculptor: R1 Chung
Size: About 20*22*20 cm (L x W x H)
Parts: 46
Material:cast in light grey resin
◣price: 160.USD

◣You can get the following:
1.Ilanga’s model kits
2.Watcher of the Death Vol.1 -Ilanga- manga (Draw by Akoln)
3.Ilanga’s card with the signature of both studios
原型: R1
高度: 約20*22*20 cm (L x W x H)

2.『死亡守望者』短篇漫畫 Vol.01 (由 Akoln 繪製)
3.伊蘭卡繪卡 並附有兩個工作室聯合簽名

◣運費統一:$80.TWD (單件)台灣區<郵局寄送>

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