【Watcher of the Death】Koning


Sculptor: R1 Chung
Size: About 24*25*35 cm (L x W x H)
Parts: 38  Material:resin

●Price:210.USD (Including Paypal fee)
●Not included shipping.

●You can get the following:
1.Watcher Of The Death Koning’s model resin kit (unpainted)
2.Watcher Of The Death Koning’s card print * 1


原型製作: R1 Chung
サイズ: 24*25*35 cm (L x W x H)
部品:38  材質 : レジンキャスト

●価格:1つの 210.USD

1.Watcher Of The Death Koning モデルキット (未組立キット、塗装されていない)
2.Watcher Of The Death Koning カード*1


●中国大陆/香港/澳門 买家:

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【Watcher of the Death】Koning
“Sun is the life. Moon is the death. And I’m the rule.”