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【OBLIVIAZ】Blood Sun: Prometheus


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-Blood Sun: Prometheus-
Design: Ching Yeh
Sculptor&Painter: R1 Chung
Size: About 46 cm high
Parts: 58
Material: resin

●Retail price.: 315 USD
●Not included shipping.
●This product will be ship out in Nov,2021~Dec,2021.
●Please note that there are some delivery & processing Delays due to epidemic. Some countries are in a state of restricted imports. If you are located in a restricted area, we will keep your order until the restriction is lifted.

●You can get the following:
1.Blood Sun: Prometheus’s model resin kit (unpainted)
2.Blood Sun: Prometheus’s photoshoot print * 2 ————————————————————————————————————

設計: Ching Yeh
原型製作: R1 Chung
サイズ:46cm 高い
材質 : レジン

●通常の小売価格: 315 USD

1.血陽 プロメーテウス モデルキット (未組立キット、塗装されていない)
2.血陽 プロメーテウス カ 写真撮影プリント*2————————————————————————————————————

設計: Ching Yeh
原型&上色: R1 Chung
高度: 約46 cm 高


●中国大陆/香港/澳門 买家:

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