Shadow wolf Unboxing

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Shadow wolf, the last surviving dark elf, the top assassin,
who can manipulate shadow monsters and hide in the dark.
Shadow is her friend but also her weapon…watch out for your back.

"Don’t be afraid of the shadow . Shadow will never betray you , except me "

Author: R1 chung
Size:11.5 inches (1/8 scale)
Material:cast in grey resin
Price:175 usd (include shipping)
台灣地區售價:5200 NTD.(含運)

360° preview(線上預覽) :
Unboxing video(開箱影片) :

Limited statue of 75 copies total!

All statues are expected to be shipped to customers during the 3rd quarter of 2016.

shadow-wolf shadow-wolf 14 shadow-wolf shadow-wolf shadow-wolf shadow-wolf

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