R-one studio x Akoln for Ilanga

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Watcher of the Death manga Vol.01 -Ilanga-

R-one studiox Akoln 聯合創作
由 Akoln 執筆的『死亡守望者』漫畫分鏡草圖,以極短篇漫畫方式介紹『死亡守望者』的世界觀與登場的每隻Watcher,


The concept of the world and characters of “Watcher of the Death” will be introduced as a short piece of manga done by Akoln. A new short piece of manga with the signature of both studios will be sold together with the new character.

This is not a epoch ruled by the human as they spread all over the world and decide for your life or death. The powerful creature named “Watcher” attacks the human endlessly and further threatens the human’s survival and the control of the Earth. As a result, the human send their hunters that specially attract the Watchers in order to wipe them out…..

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